Gift Cards are now available to purchase online. They are available in $25 increments and you can order as many as you want.


If you would like 1 gift card with a larger balance please place an order to obtain the dollar amount you would like and then include in notes that you want it all on 1 gift card.


If you would like multiple gift cards, write in the notes how many you need and what denominations you want on each one.


FREE SHIPPING for all Gift Card Purchases. Select Gift Cards during checkout to get free shipping. Only valid on gift card purchases- not on other items in the cart.

Gift Cards

  • PLEASE NOTE: We only ship Gift Cards to the following areas: NEW ENGLAND, NEW YORK, and NEW JERSEY.

    The system will allow you to order these from other states but we will have to refund as we do not ship our chocolates outside of New England, New York, and New Jersey. 

    Our mugs are the only item that ship Nationwide.

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