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IMPORTANT: All refills will be the same full size items this year. That means, if you have a light up house from a previous year, the chocolates WILL NOT fit inside the tiny drawers. Ypu can still order a refill, just know that the items will be too big to fit.

NEW: For the HOUSES ONLY- we will be offering a special 2-person refill. This means, if you have 1 house you can fill it with enough items for 2 people. Just in case you want to share with someone without having to invest in a second calendar. This is only available for the houses because they have the biggest drawers. The other calendars cannot fit enough for 2 people.

All advent calendar refills contain 24 chocolates made by me. There will be a variety of chocolate truffles, craft chocolate bar pieces, bark, marshmallows, candied oranges, and other treats. No repeat flavors so you'll get a great selection of our chocolates. Each year there will be some new and different items.These are available in store or for local delivery.If you would like them shipped, please contact me directly so we can figure something out. They will likely need to ship overnight to be received on time.MUST BE PICKED UP NOV 29, 30.


  • All items may contain milk, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, eggs. 

  • Advent Calendar refills must be picked up NOV 29, 30.

    I will also deliver to Belmont, Newton, Watertown, and Waltham this year. (FREE as always)

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